Letters to Our Littler Selves – Gwen

I will answer your email re wise women and what we have taught and learned by including, where I can, the sources of my thoughts which shaped my inner self over the years.

To my 15 year old self I could no better that give her a copy of Desiderata and sit beside her and discuss the wisdom therein. My copy is  53 years old and holds pride of place in our entrance hall where I see it every day. Have enclosed a copy.My favourite bits which  I have tried to live by:

Don’t compare yourself to others, there will ALWAYS be those better,prettier, richer but look around there will always be those who are so much poorer, in all ways that we are.

Be yourself, well the truth is, no matter how much we might wish it we can’t be somebody else, so look to your own strength, desires, accomplishments and  treasure and build on that.

Be cheerful and strive to be happy.  Happiness is a state of mind that is sometimes really hard to achieve but more worthwhile that being  miserable and making every one else miserable.

The reason I am sending and reflecting on Desiderata is because my first draft had so much of the above in it and then I realised that it came from the poem I have used it for so long it is now part of my thought pattern

Gwen Flynn-Pye


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