Letters to Our Littler Selves – Helen

What I would tell my 15 year old self

Care for others, but care for yourself

Work hard, but make time for play

Learn responsibility, but don’t be too responsible you are too young at 15

Have lots of friends but don’t lose yourself trying to please them all

Sing, dance, keep music in your life for times when there is nothing going on

Have one friend to trust and confide in

Listen to the adults who care about you even in the most unlikely places

Observe how different people go about life making their dream come true

Give your heart but reserve a little of it for your healing when it gets broken

Learn skills that will see you through your life, whether alone or with others

Dream and follow your dream

Don’t be afraid of the future, all will be well in the end

Have faith in some greater power than your own

Ask for advice, help and support when the going gets tough

Share with others your uniqueness as everyone is unique in some way

Learn all you can about as much as you can but not only from books

Experience all you can, but keep safe

You will grow up and the world will seem smaller, but you will find your place in it

Look to:

Nature for refreshment and a place to grow emotionally

The sea, for coolness and to remind us of how tiny we are in the great universe

The woodlands, for music of birds, bees and insects

The sky, for colours unimaginable at dawn and dusk all year round, and for butterflies

The land, for sights of creatures big and small

The rivers, ponds and lakes for tadpoles and frogs and lilies too

Live all this at 15 and one day you will discover the who in you.

Helen Flanagan


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