Letters to our Littler Selves – Laura

I would tell my 15 year old self not to take herself so seriously and to let her personality shine through.  Laugh loudly as if no one is listening and dance proudly as if no one is watching.  Chances are, no one is anyway!  And, be still your heart, the Backstreet Boys are still together producing music that lifts your soul and you will get to see them in concert – twice!

I would tell my 10 year old self that loss is part of life but the grief that you feel when you lose a loved one does become less sharp with time.  Eventually, you will smile again and then you’ll laugh again.  Your memories will always be with you so let yourself miss that special person and don’t ignore your pain.  Deal with it as you need to and have faith that life will take you back on an upward spin one day and that you will feel happiness again.  Oh, and your sisters are your best friends so be a little more patient with them – they are only little once.

My pearls of wisdom??  Hmmm – life is not something that you have to push yourself through from event to stressful event.  If you think like that, then chances are you will miss out on retaining the special memories you gather as you travel along.  So try to enjoy each day and each night as they come upon you.

Trust your gut – if someone sends you warning signals, stay away and if a situation feels off, get out of it early.  You have these instincts for a reason.

Surround yourself with people who have seen your freak flag, who appreciate it’s uniqueness, who marvel at it’s many patterns and colours, and who will help you wave that freak flag high.

If you feel happiness, revel in the feeling.  Don’t wait for the other shoe to drop because, guess what?  The worst may never happen.

Tell the people in your life that you love them every day.  Don’t just say it, but also show it with actions because they aren’t mind readers.

Spend time thinking about what your goals are, then set aside time to implement those goals.  It may not happen overnight but with hard work and realistic expectations, it will happen.

Laura Carter

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