Stuff Your Mum Says

Last night, skyping my mum, and chatting about the latest episode of Broadchurch (British small town murder mystery epic series). There’s so much to talk about in a show like this – Who Did It? being the most likely discussion point. Mum’s major beef with the show is that the detective, the main character, is not believable as a serious, humourless cop. Fair point, I muse.

But it was her follow up remark that made me go “Really?” in a “I thought I knew you” kind of way.

Mum – “I loved him in Doctor Who.”

Me –  “Doctor Who? You watched that show much?”

Mum, without a moment’s hesitation  – “Oh, yeah! I loved it. I never missed an episode.”

So there you go. Dora. My mum.  Secret geek and devoted to the Doctor.

There must be loads more stuff we don’t know about our mums…! Imagine! What mysteries could there be about yours????


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