Things for a Lady to Do in Melbourne in Winter

1. Wear a terrible, amazing dress out for a posh drink, ideally with other ladies, also in terrible, amazing dresses. Big overcoat may be necessary.If funds are a bit tight, just wear it out to your backyard shed for a bit).

2. Play Battleship

3. Go to a pub and eat nothing more than a giant bowl of chips for dinner

(Optional: several glasses of wine as accompaniment)

4. Make a pot of tea and scones for one lady. You.

5. Let your dog sleep next to your desk while you work.

6. Chase the winter sun by sitting beside your compost bin for the afternoon. Read your book, trim your nails, listen to the worms munching.

7. Make a hat. Ask your mum how to crotchet

8. Share the love, share the food. Have some  folks round for dinner

9.  Buy yourself a collector’s jigsaw puzzle. Take a good patch of the dining table up to work on it and a good few winter weeks to finish it.

10. Find a farm. Go for a walk


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