Too Much Computery Stuff: Exemptions

A person claiming Analogue Hours is entitled to some exemptions from the Too Much Computery Stuff period IF their Analogue Hours have amounted to more than three quarters of their free time.

If a person has committed acts of too Much Computery Stuff which amount to half or more of their free time, they may NOT be entitled to any exemptions, unless a referral from a qualified psychologist can be provided.

The following exemptions may be available, depending on a person’s circumstances:

1. Watching ABC’s highlights of Anne Summers’ interview with Ms Julia Gillard on ABC:

        Example Scenario:
         “Joey” has spent 5 days in a row completing Analogue Hours by making a house 
          for her chooks, cooking muddings*, browsing the shoe section at Savers, walking 
         her dog to the creek, stealing flowers from neighbours’ jasmine vines, joining her 
        friend for devonshire tea, bringing stuff to the tip and checking out the tip shop. 
        She is a great admirer of Gillard and decides to pour herself a nice cup of tea and 
        watch the first Anne Summers’ interview on her laptop, using a little bit of computery 
       stuff to do so. “Joey” is entitled to claim the exemption on Too Much Computery Stuff.

* When flourless muffins have too much butter and come out looking like overcooked pudding = muddings.

Are you entitled to an exemption? 

             Yes  – Please click on either link on Point 1 or Point 2 above

             No –   Cease reading this blog post and begin making a list of analogue activities
you will do, using paper and pen to record.

For further information, please see previous blog posts.


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