Too Much Computery Stuff Trial 2: Curiosity Shopping

So Trial 2 began with lodging my tax return. It was like a stain on my desk that had to spread before it receded. But it was a necessary evil because finishing it meant using the soon-to-be-mine proceeds to go buy fun stuff. And what better way to fight off the disease of Too Much Computery Stuff than to go shopping?

Now I know what you’re thinking and you can just stop right now. Cast those two rude ‘E’ words from your minds! I may be weak but I wasn’t going to stoop so low. To be fair, shopping online is still something I can’t quite swallow so Trial 2 was implemented with relative ease.

No ipads here. No sirree. Just a long street of gifty, interesting stuff. Curiousity shops I think they might be called… lovely places filled with things you only buy when you’ve got loads of money and  little purpose in life;  where the staff are all so hip and laidback; where you walk around touching everything and trying desperately to think of a reason to buy it all. Here is a list of some things I touched and loved and wanted to buy. I succumbed to only three though. Ten points if you can guess which three:

A) Tea towels, with cute proverbs, hand-printed, probably by a bike rider with wheat intolerance.

B) Miniture frying pan too small for a single egg with matching egg flip. In the shape of a fried egg! Amazing.

C) Wrapping paper printed with a map of half of New York circa 1983. Because what’s the point in seeing the other half?

D) Pages of a novel cut out in the shapes of tea pots and tea cups, then tied together to make a silent chime that a gusty wind might shred.

E) Tea cups. The size of a pinhead.

F) Metal rings, impressively packaged and labelled as “Bicycle clips for lady and gentleman riders” and designed to keep your pants clean, for country or town riding, and of supreme quality. But mostly just a pair of metal rings.

In the interest of transparency I must admit that I finished and lodged my tax return via E-Tax – electronically (which is code for – on Computery Stuff). So it’s fair to say that there’s an element of failure there, but as the old proverb goes – You’ve got to break eggs if you want to make an omelette (although it probably wouldn’t fit in a miniature frying pan) and I reasoned that without doing the dreaded tax return, there’d be no mincing about in curiosity shops in the first place.

Committing Computery Stuff acts to justify engaging in Analogue Hours? hmmm, it’s probably only just a bare pass….


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