Too Much Computer Stuff Trial One: Apple Tart for Beginners

  It began with flicking impatiently through all the cook books on the shelf. “I’ve got a lot of apples that need eating, I’ll make an apple tart.” Just need a recipe. Internet! bah! I’ve got cook books! Except that out of 15 or more books there was not a single apple tart recipe. So, to the ipad I sheepishly went, and was rewarded in less than 1 minute with a choice of about 100 recipes, all easy, with pictures and uncomplicated ingredients that I had in the cupboard.

So I made apple tart, and using my usual talent for distraction, arsed up the pastry, over-steamed the apples and burnt the sugar butter so much that I accidentally found out how to make toffee!

Needless to say, I transformed the bench into something I decided was an official workspace of an Analogue Activity. Afterwards, I took myself off for a favourite Analogue Activity and napped, like a dog does, for no other reason than it feels like the best thing to do.

Would I call this a fail? Well, to be fair, I was using the Computery Stuff as a tool to assist in the Analogue Activity. It was a means to an end, rather than an activity itself. Does that count? (And here we are of course, writing pointlessly about it all on some more Computery Stuff).

As Trial One, I would have to conclude, however, that while Computery Stuff in the making of apple tart was greatly reduced, there was still arguably, too much of it.



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