Letters to Our Littler Selves – Dora


Well looking back 41 years to when I was 15!!!

Not considering anything else about that era – such as – dominated by men, the church’s hold on society in Ireland etc  –  just looking at myself I would say to 15yr old Dora:-

You are a dreamy girl and THAT IS FINE.  Explore your world, DREAM, DREAM, DREAM ALL YOU WANT.  There is far more in store for you than finding a man, having babies and settling down.  Your life will not be over if you don’t have the above.

But hey!  all that was good as it turned out, so I can now look back at the journey and feel that every bit of it was meant to be.

There is the old cliché  ‘life teaches’  “yawn”  I hear you say……..but I feel there is merit in it.  My life has been about experiencing – the ups the downs, the falls the triumphs.  How I deal with these determines how my life pans out.  I’m not for one minute saying that I always felt I was in control and learning from everything I did, on the contrary but I can see now how important it is to know that what happens in my life happens for a reason. Sometimes that is not always clear but I have learned to put my faith in the universal energy and whether the outcome is to my liking or not I accept it.  I have learned to follow my heart – having been brought up to follow my head – BIG MISTAKE!

So I feel where I was at 15 has led me to this awesome time in my life – 56 yrs old, half way through menopause, a freedom I never felt before, spiritual awareness and contentment.  Don’t think I’d change too much now and if I decide I want to change something I can……….so there!!!!

Dora Rochford


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